Questions On Current Events Of March 23 And 24

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1. Which country’s women’s football team won the SAF Cup 2019?

-> India

2. Who is appointed as the Navy Chief?

-> Karambir Singh

3. Who has been appointed as the new Chief Information Commissioner of the state?

-> N.C. Srinivas

4. In which state is the Coorg Aberbica Coffee Received Recognized Geographically?

-> Karnataka

5.  Recently died Daril de Monty belongs to which field ?

-> Journalism

6. Chinmayi Rai, who recently died, is the actor of which language?

-> Bengali

7. Which state government has recently started a census of water dogs?

-> Uttar Pradesh

8. Who is Indian psychologist who received the 2019 Hans Killin Award?

-> Ashish Nandy

9. Which Indian Coastal Guard Ship is visited first time to Indonesia?

-> INS Vijit

10. In which city 3rd edition of ‘Namsthe Thailand Festival’ held?

-> New Delhi

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